Mound & High Perspective

Welcome to our new Dempsey's Corner blog. We're excited about our new website, recently updated menu and this forum to express what's happening at Dempsey's Food & Spirits and some special commentary from our persepctive on a myriad of topics. Topics such as downtown development, new downtown restaurants, insight & perspective of local politicians, Dempsey's guests of note, like our regular, Lewis Black and maybe some special guest blog material.


Currently in world news at Dempsey's Corner, Sunday, April 12th is Election Day at the Shamrock Club of Columbus. The Shamrock Club of Columbus was established in 1936 to venerate St. Patrick by hosting a Mass and Parade in Columbus on March 17th every year.


Our own, Mark Dempsey, is running for Secretary (again) against some formidable opponets. Election Day at the Shamrock Club is for members only and boasts FREE beer during the election (noon to 3:00 pm) for voters. Could you imagine if voting in America garnered FREE beer? The turnout would be awesome but in most states an 18 year old can vote, go to war and sign contracts but can't drink.


Dempsey's Food & Spirits will be hosting a band on Sunday, April 12th at 5:00 pm, Six Pack Theory. A great Sunday Night at Dempsey's for all those Cops & Firefighters off work on Monday, the Shamrock Club winners & losers of the election and the growing downtown population. Not to mention the plethora of restaurant employees that have toiled all week/weekend to make Columbus a GREAT scene for socialites.  Make sure to mark your Calendar for this Sunday @ Dempsey's.


Looking forward to some robust commentary, Spring & Summer activities kicking into high gear and continued insight to local business leaders and political stories to come on Dempsey's Corner blog.