The Latest @ Dempsey's

It's Official

We celebrated Memorial Day with a patio kickoff on Sunday night with just enough Dempsey's and the right amount of friends and visitors from New Mexico. Following with daily specials on Monday with an All American meat product, SPAM! We ate like soldiers as we honor their service to America.

So now it's officially summer and we can wear white pants. Outdoor concerts, festivals, Fourth of July parades, especially the Doo Dah Parade, Irish music festivals and all things outdoors. So remember Dempsey's when attending a concert at Bicentennial Park or Columbus Commons, before or after. Great parking and only a block or two walk to the show. Beat the traffic with a cool drink or meal that won't break the bank.

Events & Marketing Directer, Heather Yates will be making sure we have some entertainment throughout the summer and keeping tabs on the multiple parties being planned in Dempsey's back room. Heather was recently married to Dempsey's original Executive Chef, Noah Yates, this month and we're glad to have her back from the wedding planning frenzy.

New Chef Lincoln Workman has been splitting his time between Dempsey's kitchen and Dempsey's Catering & Event services. We have a recent addition to our arsenal of catering locations with The Northland Performing Arts Center; A hidden jewel off Morse Road for some great concerts and events.

And let's not forget the popular Columbus Arts Festival; when Dempsey's comes alive with a plethora of artisans from across the country enjoy a respite in between long days working their individual booths for three days straight. What a life.

Oh yeah, there still some political campaigns going on.....thought it was over in the primary, not quite. Looking forward to all the campaign meetings, fund raisers and propaganda. I'm sure there are some salacious and ridiculous commercials and bombshells yet to drop. Good stuff!