Primary Elections & Happenings @ Dempsey's

Primary Elections-an opportunity to declare your party status and weed out candidates. Two candidates will prevail in the Columbus Mayoral race to move onto the General Election in November. Most likely, Columbus will have two Democrats to choose from in the general election. Fortunately, both are regulars at Dempsey's. However, for the Democratic base of customers at Dempsey's, it's game on, no holds bar street fight until the end. We lost civility a long time ago and it's really unfortunate.

For the Republican base of customers at Dempsey's, they will enjoy the feeding frenzy and money spent between two Democrats, which is money not spent against a Republican. They'll smile all the way to the elected office.

May also brings Mother's Day, the Race for the Cure and the opening of Columbus Commons activities. All will be celebrated equally at Dempsey's with our casual patio for event spectators. We've decided that Dempsey's will be the unofficial finish line for all downtown races. Our motto, "The 4K Stops Here!"

We're getting some new neighbors here in the Southside of Downtown. The Walrus, just around the corner on Main Street. Soon we'll be able to host a neighbor pub golf tour. I'm sure the DRAC group will be on board.

Looking forward to "blogging" on our new website and who knows what intimate details we'll be sharing from the Dempsey's Corner perspective.