AUGUST 22, 2015

We have a Trifecta at Dempsey’s. The Trifecta is received when a customer has three separate meals of Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner in the span of one day. The Trifecta winners have an entire wall dedicated to the date when they accomplished this mediocre task. We’ve had greats like Lewis Black accomplish this and family members that were going to be here anyway like Celia Dempsey & Megan Dempsey.

HOWEVER, not in the history of the world have we seen anything to compare to TRIFECTIVUS DAY that occurred Saturday, August 22, 2015.

Six friends decided to have T-shirts made and set out on a downtown adventure that was based on getting the Trifecta at Dempsey’s. So Paige York, Melissa & Todd Phillips, Darin Karbler and Chad & Chrissy Wilson embarked a journey that will forever go down on history, I mean go down IN history.

As they gathered on Saturday (before 1:00 pm because that’s when breakfast ends on the weekend) they enjoyed a delicious Bloody Mary to start Trifectivus off right. They rented Co-Go bikes (rental dock at mound & High) and traveled to Lev’s Pawn Shop on 5th & Main. You see, this fine group of Trifectivus pioneers had planned ahead and in an effort to finance the Trifecta journey, they brought stuff to pawn for cash. Keen thinkers and planners, bet they were Boy & Girl Scouts at some point. 

So with their new found treasures, they were off to 16 Bit Arcade on Fourth Street. Then a stop at Elevator Brewing at 4th & Spring. So as they traveled the far reaches of the North side of Downtown Columbus, they realized that they must accomplish the second leg of the Dempsey’s Trifecta. The Trifectivus-ians made their way back to Dempsey’s for lunch just after 2:00 pm. 

Excited from their adventure and needing nourishment, they embarked on ordering favorites like the Dewey Stokes grilled bologna sandwich (local we might add), Quesadilla’s and other various items. At one point, a Cribbage game broke out; proving that a Trifecta is perfect for our seniors too. 

Satisfied with their accomplishment of the second leg of the Dempsey’s Trifecta, they celebrated with a trip to the High Beck. What a tradition the High Beck has become. On a daily basis, usually before 11:00 am, I run into one of the owners, Tommy, on our mutual errands to the bank, liquor store, Restaurant Depot or Kroger’s at Liberty Place. I fucking NEVER see his business partner Wayne on errands, the lazy bastard. 

After leaving the High Beck, they peddled even further South to my good friends new radio station/bar, CD 102.5’s Big Room Bar. This is where I actually met up with the Trifectivus trail blazers and bought them a drink. Radio station owner, Randy Malloy, even created a bike rack for the bikers, now that’s customer service. We enjoyed some laughs and insights to making Trifectivus Day a bigger event that may include a Beer Belly run or something of that nature. This is the kind of shit you come up with when out day drinking. I blame it on the sun; others have other opinions. 

I lost track of these Lewis & Clark types after CD 102.5. Rumor has it that Burning Leaf Cigar store was the next stop and quite possibly a tattoo parlor. I authorized use of the Dempsey’s logo for a tattoo, just in case. 

They completed the Trifecta sometime after 8:00 pm and invaded the Dempsey’s kitchen for their official Trifecta picture. These six people, relative strangers to me, have changed the course of Dempsey’s history forever. 

So August 22nd will be TRIFECTIVUS DAY in downtown Columbus for perpetuity. Now don’t wait to get your Trifecta, whether it’s alone or with your partner or your entire company (hint, hint, new neighbor NBBJ Architects) strive, practice, and succeed in getting your place in Trifecta history at Dempsey’s. 

Tours of the current Trifecta wall are available seven days a week. Monday through Friday starting at 7:00 am and Saturday & Sunday starting at 8:00 am. No cover charge. Souvenir shop currently closed for remodeling.