Many decades ago, in my formative years, I worked at Deibel's in German Village.  Now it's Barcelona and a great restaurant.  Deibel's was a hot spot at the time and German Village wasn't quite as sophisticated as it is now, culinary wise.  The locals, Schmidt's (actual cousins of mine)' Planks, etc., were all doing well. 

Quite often, I would watch owner/management of these establishments casually meet after their respective lunch rushes and discuss business over a beer or a Coke.  It wasn't until I purchased a catering company and now, opening Dempsey's, that I could commiserate, give or take advice, conspire or whatever with contemporaries in the industry.  Being in Downtown Columbus right now is extremely exciting from the continued development or demise of local food operations. And I enjoy attempting to support the new neighbors, the Walrus, Big Room Bar at CD102, Aerapazo, Copius and the old jury room (now THE Blind Lady Tavern) when I have the time to visit.  It's not just to see the competition but to meet the owners/managers and possibly discuss challenges, obstacles and opportunities in operating a downtown food business. I really like getting to know the different menus, drinks, concepts and new staff building a business. Someday soon, we'll all be working in a thriving area, something like the beginning of the Short North or Grandview Avenue, etc.