Campaign Tactics Hit Rock Bottom

Being involved in a local campaign for the Democratic Central Committee in Franklin County, representing Grandview , has been nothing but interesting. However, my opponent's supporters have gotten way out of line.

In 2010, I found myself unemployed and was not interested in returning to the customary workforce. So I asked my wife Megan if she would mind that instead of taking another job she would allow me to open a restaurant and CREATE jobs. Just like it was when she and I met in 1988.

Dempsey’s was born with every penny, dime and nickel we had. And with some help from a few investors and one partner, we labored and opened in March of 2012. Creating over 20 full & part time jobs.

My opponent's supporter, a Grandview resident and parent, decided to chime in on the Grandview Central Committee race by sharing that we are in the process of a possible foreclosure. Now he may think this type of information is useful but it’s really just a feeble attempt to paint a negative picture.

Every parent wants to provide a better life for their children and keep them safe. These recent reflections on my distressed home situation had been shielded from my five children, all of whom benefited from a wonderful Grandview education, but were protected from this until some supporter of my opponent felt it was necessary to share.

Well, thanks for taking the time share this with everyone and I hope it satisfies you. I hope that if and when you open a business, create jobs, struggle with the  balancing act with taxes, payroll, utilities and the daily juggling with limited resources, the same does not happen to you. I sure won’t be the first to share it with the public. Or your children.

In addition to his comments about my home, he spoke of my residency in Grandview. Unfortunate timing for the re-election process but it is what it is. My legal residence is in Grandview. My voting address is in Grandview. My tax bills represent a Grandview address. My utility bills are in Grandview. So until I sell the house, that’s just the way it is. Oh yeah, we have an apartment downtown now because I work so much AND we knew we wouldn’t be in the house past 2016.

And then this guy goes onto talking about my friendship with John Raphael. You might know of John because he is the lobbyist involved with the red-camera issue. I sure hope none of this guy’s friends ever do anything wrong. True friends don’t judge. I stand by my friends until they lie to me or do harm to my family. John has done neither and has “owned up” to whatever he is being charged with.  So get over yourself. You should see some of the names of people that wrote letters in support of John’s character, especially the ones from the clergy. Trying not to call my opponent’s supporter a derogatory name right now. Oh yeah, Melissa Barnhart is the ONLY candidate in this race that has been investigated and interrogated by the FBI. No charges though. She was still my friend through that process, by the way.

So then this guy starts ranting about yard signs. I took a picture with me, my yard sign and the illegal yard sign in Melissa Barnhart’s front yard. Comparing the two. I’ll admit that hers is bigger than mine. There, I said it. However, after the picture was posted on Facebook with #markdempsey, Melissa felt harassed. Now, when you run for political office, you lose just a little of your privacy. She had no signs posted for No Solicitors. Volunteers knocking on doors, dropping literature and beyond go into yards all the time.

I got a call from the Grandview Police Department later that night. No worries, I explained the situation, corrected some misinformation and moved on.

And, the Melissa Barnhart's supporter never mentioned that the huge sign in Melissa’s front yard is in violation of Grandview’s Zoning code. She claims Freedom of Speech but you still have to stay within the boundaries of the Zoning Code. Why not just paint your entire house with a billboard?!

However, Melissa Barnhart and Sheriff Zach Scott, or their supporters, continue to place multiple signs on the currently vacant Grandview Café building. So with the knowledge that the owners of the property did not give them permission, the signs were removed by me. As of yesterday, more signs have appeared and I have the owner’s representatives written permission to remove signs from the building.

This guy said I had “thugs” working for my campaign. What a moronic statement. I don’t need thugs, I grew up on the Southside of Columbus. I can handle myself and my own issues.

And speaking of this Facebook post from this Melissa Barnhart supporter, one person posted a comment basically telling my wife to have a cup of “shut the hell up”. WELL I HAVE A LITTLE INFORMATION FOR THAT PERSON. YOU CAN TALK TO ME ANYWAY YOU WANT BUT YOU NEED TO CHANGE YOUR TONE WHEN ADDRESSING MY WIFE OR MY CHILDREN. You cross a line when you disrespect my family. Feel free to track me down because I’m pretty easy to find. I work a lot of hours downtown keeping a business open that creates jobs.

What did you do today, build something? Help the poor? Volunteer somewhere?

I am NOT angry or frustrated with anyone's personal opinion, just disappointed that a great neighborhood like Grandview could have such a negative campaign tactic used in the discourse for public office. Don’t worry Trump is going to make America great again.