Thoughts On America & Green Season

It's been too long between blogs and there has been plenty to blog about. So I apologize for the delay. As if you even care. So before Trump makes America great again, let me blog about how great it already is!

In November of 2015, the City of Columbus overwhelmingly elected Andrew Ginther for Mayor. But not by the margin some had expected which ended up being a huge benefit to Mark Dempsey. I just love the side bets on campaign results.

Since then, the Republican and Democratic Party are in desperate tailspins to regain their identity with the American people. However, on a local level of Democratic politics, it's even more questionable.

A Democratic slate was endorsed that DID NOT include three incumbents. Interesting in and of itself and each of the non-endorsed incumbents have only themselves to blame, for the most part. All decent people and friends of mine but I finally had to draw a line and I FINALLY agreed with the leadership of the Democratic Party on this decision, even though it has been difficult.

On an even lower level of politics that nobody cares about, or to some degree even knew of, the county party Central Committee has a ground swell of opposition to long-standing members. Now this is extremely fucking amazing because Democrats have been dominating elections in recent years, on a county-wide level.

Some of the candidates opposing incumbents were truly misled and recruited under false pretenses. Dirty fucking pool in my book. If you can't excite or convince someone on merit of ideas or opportunity and you have to deceive people, you've already lost.

So fuck them! Game on bitches. And I still consider them friends but it's March and in a matter of days, a new and improved Democratic Party will arise in Franklin County and hopefully maintain a positive presence in local politics to build people up and stop the madness of negative rhetoric.

This is what America is all about, democracy and choice to vote on people to lead. Many have failed us and many have succeeded. With the Central Committee races across Franklin County, truth will prevail and those who win their elections will be tasked with maintaining a vibrant and inclusive party. Easier said than done but with faith, all things are possible.

Allow me to continue my rant!

I respect opposition. Truthful, thoughtful and direct opposition is not a bad thing. It makes us better and it's always good to have choices. But deceitful, unlawful and negative activities will gain the exact same outcome. Failed political bodies that only care about themselves, their position or their pocket books. I just can't believe that Gov. John Kasich looks like a viable candidate on a national level but everyone hits rock bottom sometimes. The Governor is probably a nice man and I've never met him but he is one of the only adults on a stage of potential leadership for the free world.

As for the National Democratic choices and since the Irishman, O'Mally is out, we have two thoughtful and respected candidates viewing to be the nominee. Wouldn't it be great if Bernie Sanders asked Hillary Clinton if he could be her running mate as Vice President. President Clinton and Vice President Sanders would the most diverse ticket in the history of the world. There Trump, just like that, America shows her greatness without your reality show type campaign. Substance, thorough ideas, revolutionary reform for the masses and not just the millionaires.

If it were just that easy. Trump just landed in Columbus at the writing of this diatribe of thoughts continues. Let's get to important stuff.

As March begins, we think of the celebration Spring, the rising of a Savior and the veneration of St. Patrick, also known as St. Patrick's Day.

Here at Dempsey's, this is not a one day celebration. We celebrate once a month at Dempsey's with a practice session so you rookies learn to celebrate responsibly. Now, this March it will be Dempsey's fourth year in celebrating as an establishment with Irish roots. The following is an attempt for all to get involved and REALLY learn it's not about the drinking, it's about the camaraderie, it's about our faith (Protestant or Catholic), it's about the Irish contribution to keeping America great.

Last Saturday we had our Celtic neighbors in the house with some Scottish dancers and pipers. Great stuff but the day, or month in my book, is about the Irish. So after this weekend of the Arnold Classic in Columbus, Dempsey's will provide ample opportunity to indulge in the Irish.

Let's start with Thursday, March 10th. This is Jamie Porter Day! If you don't know, it doesn't matter. Conway's Irish Ale will be the drink of choice. Tom Jones, Sinatra or Sleepy La Beef will be our entertainment and the short celebration will be a well-earned victory for our surviving friend, Jamie Porter.

On Friday, March 11th, a uniquely Columbus event will occur. I think it make be the 50th anniversary of this event. Started solely by a few Irishmen stopping by City Hall to get a signed resolution by the Mayor of Columbus. Now, 50 years later, we celebrate all day starting with a Catholic Mass, giving donations to charity and getting recognition from City, County, State and Federal officials at City Hall, stopping traffic at Broad & High to plant (paint) Shamrocks and then an afternoon of festive behavior.

It's the St. Patrick's Day for the very active Irish Community members that are busy on the real day with a parade, Mass, hosting the largest Irish celebration in Central Ohio-known as the Irish Family Reunion. Hard core Irish, if you will. Dempsey's will be a key component of this celebration. Great music and singing, bagpipes and all! Get here early.

We continue on Saturday, March 12th with the After-Party for the Columbus Police & Fire Pipes & Drums. The Acoustic Cougar Magnets will be performing live at 8 pm. not too Irish. However, the Shamrock Club Pipes & Drums will play around 7 and the Police & Fire around 11 pm. Fucking intense.

Sunday, March 13th, enjoy the Bloody Mary Bar until 1 pm, you'll need it.

On March 16th, we have two Irish to the core events. Politics & Pints, hosted by Mike Thompson from Columbus on the Record, WOSU tv show and a fund raiser for a politician in the back room. Fuck yes. I love this shit.

We will all be properly prepared for the Patron Saint of Ireland's feast day celebration on Thursday, March 17th. Dempsey's will open early for the Emerald Society and to the public at 7 am with breakfast buffet and live entertainment by the Old Brigade until 10 am. Mass at St. Patrick's Church and I just love being back at St. Pat's and I think my ancestors appreciate it too!

Parade at 11:30 and Irish Family Reunion after the parade. The largest gathering in Central Ohio for the Irish Community, and beyond. By the way, Brian Ross from Experience Columbus and Don Brown from the convention center have been absolutely wonderful about our transition to this venue. I still call it the Irish Family Reunion at Vets, though.

Dempsey's will have Shepherds Pie, Corned Beef & Cabbage and entertainment with the McIans from 1 to 5 and Donna Magavero throughout the evening.

So there Mr. Trump and all other negative ninnies, America is great despite your efforts to portray it otherwise.