The Dempsey Trifecta

The Trifecta


Dempsey’s opened on March 12, 2012 and has served breakfast, lunch and dinner every day since then. However, on April 18, 201, an historic feat was accomplished at Dempsey’s by trailblazer Chris Pasternak. He was the first to complete a registered TRIFECTA at Dempsey’s.


The TRIFECTA is accomplished by having three meals in one day-breakfast, lunch & dinner. And when you have achieved a TRIFECTA, you get your picture on the wall. The TRIFECTA has grown and grown over the shorts years, now there is a TRIFECTIVUS DAY at Dempsey’s, but that’s another post on the blog.


Recently, we ran out of space for the pictures on the TRIFECTA wall because the frames we originally used were too big, so in the process of reframing the original TRIFECTA winner’s pictures, I thought we could give the original trailblazers some props for their support of Dempsey’s.


In absolutely no order, here some of the original 20 + TRIFECTEES:


Chris Pasternak-April 18, 2012-The First

Chris was in town and staying at the Westin. He had been in for breakfast and again at lunch. As I was chatting him up at lunch, he told me that this was his second meal at Dempsey’s. LIGHT BULB-I immediately joked with him that if he came in for dinner he would hit the TRIFECTA and we would put his picture on the wall.


Total bullshit! I just wanted him to come in and spend more money. There was no TRIFECTA. So, that evening, Chris came back to Dempsey’s, had dinner, got his picture taken and with the grace of God, the TRIFECTA became a reality.


Sara Zetts & Jacob Hale-neighbors from the apartments above Dempsey’s and before they moved to California, they got a TRIFECTA on February 24, 2013

Megan Dempsey June 1, 2013

Mark Kaiser & Jonathan Currie-Michigan-July 2014

Laura Pudwell-April 21, 2013-Canadian Opera Atelier-Grammy-Nominated and TRIFECTA winner. After arriving in America and already discovered Dempsey’s for breakfast, on her next visit at lunch, young Conor Dempsey was her server on the patio. She mentioned that she had already been here for breakfast and Conor, being much like his father, encouraged her to come back for dinner so she could get the TRIFECTA and have her picture on the wall. She was immediately excited that before the balance of the Canadian Opera could arrive in Columbus, she could have her picture on the wall. She came in for dinner, got her picture taken and we rushed the process to have her picture on the wall the next day. She then brought almost all the Canadian Opera to Dempsey’s the next day. Not because of the fantastic food but to show off her picture on the wall.

Hillary & Lily Roa-Sarasota, Florida-June 3, 2012

Chuck Williams-June 3, 2012

Nels Johnson & Ellen Marshall-June 3, 2012

You might have noticed the last three TRIFECTA winners were on the same day in 2012. Columbus Arts Festival weekend! What a weekend and Arts Festival weekend continues to be one of our busiest weekends in the summer. Daughter Michaela Dempsey was tasked with delivering carry-out menus to the 300+ art vendors on a Friday. Her efforts made Dempsey’s “home base” for many of the vendors.  Three TRIFECTA’s that weekend, from three states but from one festival.

Pat Graham-official NOT a TRIFECTA winner but over-achieve and ate FIVE meals in a short 36 hour stay in Columbus from Florida-we don’t have the date because I can’t remember those 36 hours but he had the receipts to prove it.

Ralph Antolino-October 7, 2012

Celia Dempsey-February 2, 2014

Hilliard City Councilman Joe Erb-July 21, 2014

Kirsten Bildsten-July 14, 2014-Exiting employee wanted to get the TRIFECTA before moving out of town

A Dempsey Family-Uncle Jim Dempsey, Aunt Diane Dempsey and cousin Debbie Dempsey-March 12, 2013

Lewis fucking Black-March 1, 2013. This probably my best TRIFECTA story to date. So, it’s a busy lunch at Dempsey’s and I’m the expo at the kitchen window. Expo is a restaurant term used to expedite the food delivery to customers from the kitchen.  Standing at the host stand is a single gentleman that had not been greeted by the busy staff and I’m looking at him and thought to myself, that looks like Lewis Black. Restaurant is full and NO ONE seems to recognize him. I go to the host stand to greet him and introduce myself. Very excited. I take Mr. Black to a table near the kitchen so I can personally take his order. We chat a little and get his order. I continue to expo during his meal. Still, NO ONE has recognized him but me. At one point, I interrupted his meal and say to him, “it seems unusual that your so calm because I’ve seen you Comedy Central and usually ranting & raving about something”, he pauses from reading his NY Times and USA Today paper, glasses have down his nose and eyes glaring at me above his glasses and says “it’s my fucking act, I would be dead if I kept that constant rage”. We chuckled, talked a little more and he offered me tickets to his show that night. My wife Megan and I went to the show, went back stage and met him. He came back for dinner with his crew and opening act. Some regulars at Dempsey’s got some pictures that night and Lewis Black and I became friends. He came back the next day, before leaving town and had breakfast with me. He’s now considered a regular at Dempsey’s. TRIFECTA confession: Lewis never ate three meals in one day. He ate three meals in two days but they were the only three meals he had in Columbus AND he tweeted his experience to over 100,000 Twitter followers. I now bend the rules for a TRIFECTA if you have over 100,000 Twitter followers (Taylor Twellman-ESPN and Kathleen Madigan-comedian but for another blog post)

Arron & Mark-October 28, 2012

Jack O’Grady-February 18, 2014 for his 17th birthday present from dad Commissioner John O’Grady

Wendell Seaver-March 31, 2015

Cathy Martin, South Hampton, Massachusetts – September 22, 2014

Art Konrad-September 21, 2014, South Hampton, Massachusetts

Mike & Jim, South Hampton, Massachusetts

The last the TRIFECTA winners were in town for a wedding and just had a blast at Dempsey’s with a large group of family members

Ryan Studer & Andy Whaley-March 17, 2014-a superior TRIFECTA because Andy & Ryan never left Dempsey’s for their TRIFECTA. It is not required you stay at Dempsey’s the entire day for your three meals but they did. It was St. Patrick’s Day and to stay at Dempsey’s for breakfast, lunch and dinner on St. Patrick’s Day is quite a feat. Note: Andy recently married our niece Sara and part of the courting process was the gauntlet of a TRIFECTA.


There you have, some of the first TRIFECTA winners that had framed pictures at Dempsey’s. There pictures will be re-installed in smaller frames so we have more wall space for the continued TRIFECTA winners.


Thank you trail blazers for your support of Dempsey’s as we get ready to celebrate our 5th year in business this coming March.


On a side note, when you finish the TRIFECTA, it’s customary that you get your picture with a staff member wearing a Dempsey’s shirt. I noticed as we’re changing the frames on these first 20+ pictures that none of the employees in this round of TRIFECTA pictures work at Dempsey’s now. So, thanks to Conor Dempsey, Grace Bowen, Heather Ross-Yates and Sara Clavert for working at Dempsey’s and getting your pictures on the wall too.